A Division of Deloje

DeLoJe LLC’s CEO believes that small businesses are the life blood of a
community.  She was saddened by the number of small businesses that
were closing their doors as a result of inequitable economic development,
and how their demise stripped many communities of convenient shopping,
employment and community pride.

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To this end, she created Main St., a 501 c3 nonprofit that addresses
DeLoJe’s social responsibility to improve the quality of life in communities
and the ability of its citizens to effect economic and social impact.  
As stewards for equitable participation, we are invested in increasing
community commerce through the improvement of multimedia
competencies, helping community-based economic suppliers be fruitful
within their own communities, as well as be recognized as contributors in the
region's economic development and innovative initiatives.

Working with DeLoJe’s production house, Pulsus Digital and other local
partners, our charitable goal is to build creative and technical
capacity as a means of improving impact and reach, and to
economically strengthen our communities.


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Multimedia Services for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Small

Many small business entities (entrepreneurs, small businesses, small nonprofits and associations) cannot afford the multimedia services required to market their products or services. Even at our capacity rate, these
entities are challenged in meeting multimedia service costs. Using our production expertise, we provide multimedia technical and technological support to help our customers increase their marketing capacity, that will showcase and promote what they do. We work with customers to identify areas of multimedia growth or goals through assessment of needs; create unique effective messaging/media that shares value, maximizes
engagement, and improves multimedia operational efficiency; and, train and educate (build multimedia competency) to maintain newly attained level of efficiency.

Tech Innovation Youth Steam Programming

Main St also strengthens communities by training, coaching and mentoring a new generation to be work ready through the Tech Innovation STEAM Programming. Having gained their passion for multimedia work as youth
participants of an out of school program, Pulsus Digital producers want to inspire youth in the same way. As youth, they developed the skills and enthusiasm for computer programming, website building and photography. This early fascination propelled them to continue developing these as well as other media skills. Their aspirations and skills have led them to becoming highly regarded experts in the local multimedia industry, doing work they love.

Tech Innovation introduces youth to the multimedia industry through marketable skill development, personal development and community connectivity. In collaboration with other local youth serving organizations and schools, programming includes internships, after school, and out of school activities.

Pulsus Digital Arts

Pulsus Digital creatives are also professional artists. Main St supports their
endeavors to expand their professional portfolios. As part of the Pittsburgh
art and cultural scene, PD creatives span of artwork has included Music videos Photo and video series Filming/editing documentaries Murals Graphic designing Painting Drawing Writing, storytelling, and scripting.