In response to the Covid-19 pandemic Deloje + Pulsus Digital + Main St. is complying with all local, state and federal guidelines that relate to business operations. Staff are well trained and versed on procedures for face to face interaction.
We do the following to ensure safety for Staff and customers:
- proper disinfecting, cleaning, social distancing
- wearing of masks and ppe when face to face
- Conducting Virtual or remote communication

FAA Certified Drone Pilots

Our staff are experienced pilots who know how to safely get the best images, and videos. For surveying land, shooting commercials, or just your big event.

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DeLoJe, a black and woman owned company, was established in 2015.  The company is 100% black operated, with 50% of the staff being women.

Providing impactful relevant technical and technological production services to increase organizational and individual multimedia capacity.

A PA certified minority owned business that specializes in the creation of original and customized content, DeLoJe’s work is grounded in research and best practices that communicates a unique media message.

DeLoJe has two media houses that get the work done:
Pulsus Digital and Main St

Our Services

Our Mission

With outstanding creative imagery, design and technology we help businesses manage change and maximize strengths that allow them to keep in front of trends.

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