Business Summary

I love to fix things. My brother got a build a radio kit from "Radio Shack" which I built for him. This was the first of many explorations launched by visits to a brick and mortar store that trigger an imaginative spirit which is lost to many who shop solely through the internet. In 2014 some of my favorite stores closed their doors forever. This was sad but more alarming was the lack of new businesses opening their doors to successfully fill local market needs; To ensure businesses in our communities are here to compete, Deloje LLC, a minority woman owned small business to provide: technology, multimedia, marketing, grant writing, and wide range of support services.

Our Mission
With outstanding creative imagery, design and technology we help businesses manage change and maximize strengths that allow them to keep in front of trends.

To ensure customers have the capacity to compete today and tomorrow.

DeLoJe seeks to deliver innovative services that reduce obstacles.

DeLoJe, in conjunction with its subdivisions, Pulsus Digital and Main St, are a team of highly diversified talented staff who are trained and credentialed in a variety of technical capacity building tools.  These include but are not limited to facilitation, consulting and technical assisting, education and training, capacity building, Microsoft Web Developer, Adobe Creative Cloud, CS6, Mac, professional full frame BSLR, 360 and action cameras (i.e., Go Pro, cameras, drones), state of the art professional lighting and sound quality, green screen and other VFX capabilities, digital imaging and graphics, Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion, and computer coding.

With over 20 years of experience, we provide customized technical capacity building that meet our clients needs.  

These services include:
Technical capacity building education sessions, workshops, training and professional development Videography and digital media production Photography 4K aerial photography and scouting designing websites, graphic advertisements, commercials and other promotional materials Scripting, directing, and producing music videos Streaming videos and web casts Stock images and prints for sale Windows support and trouble shooting IOS and OSX support and trouble shooting Android support and trouble shooting Marketing and Branding

PA Unification Certification, Program Certified (DBE) Allegheny County, DBEPA Small Diverse Business Certified, PA Small Business Certified, Dept of Economic and Community Development Municipality Certified, Microsoft Web Developer Certification, Microsoft IDCL Certification.

Memberships & Associations

Local:  African American Chamber of Commerce of Western PA, Greater Hazelwood Community Collaborative, Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership, Hazelwood Initiative, Making a Greater Hazelwood Committee, Propel Charter Schools MAGIC Advisory Board, SWPA STEAM EcoSystem / Remake Learning

PA STEM Coalition, Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool Youth Development Network (PSAYDN)

Afterschool Alliance, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Great Nonprofits, National Afterschool Associat